Don’t worry if you’ve already decided to reboot your Lenten plans? I never make a graceful entry into Lent,  in fact there is usually so much energy and activity around Ash Wednesday, that I find I haven’t really hit upon the right pre-Easter discipline for several days.  If you too suffer from this affliction, here are some offerings to get you out of that slump and make better use of  your caffeine or sugar withdrawal.

Watch Something:si40

Have you seen Busted Halo’s Lent and Ash Wednesday in 2 Minutes, or Si Smith’s moving short 40: ?

The Epsicopal monks at SSJE  also produce a daily video series called Praying Our Lives . 

If visual media is  your thing, then you’ll really love Videos for Your Soul  a daily movie post on a Lenten theme.

Read a Little Something:

Check out  Wisdom of the Wreck  for a modern daily meditation on the scriptures aimed at young adults.2-14-shipwreck

Or be ambitious and read through all four gospels by Easter using Bible Gateway’s whole reading plan… You can do it at your desk at work.

Take a Hiatus from “First World Problems”:


Episcopal Relief and Development  does great work in places of crisis all over the world.  Pray with them during Lent and download, or sign up for daily reflections via email.

Or* Give up that (soda/beer/coffee) for a higher purpose and drink in a new way towards Easter by joining the 40 Days of Water mission.  Sign up and keep track of your progress and potential gifts for those in need of clean water.


Carbon Fast is sponsored by the Tear Fund, and this ecumenical endeavor focuses on the people most impacted by climate change.  Each week read a prayer and complete an action for environmental justice.

Check Things Off Your List:

Fast Pray Give is an advent style calendar from the folks at the Roman Catholic Busted Halo. Each day has a prayer and action for Lent. You can’t peek ahead to the next day, but yesterday’s was: “FAST from takeout and fast food today. PRAY for restaurant workers and delivery people… GIVE the money you would have spent to a local food pantry.”

sarcastic lutheranThe Sarcastic Lutheran focuses on small life changing practices in her daily list of 40 ideas for keeping a holy Lent.  Day 12: “Pay some sincere compliments.”
Ship of Fools also has a great list 40 activities.  Some of the winners include: “visit another church”, “make a comment to the preacher after the sermon”, and “spend a day memorizing a psalm”. 

Get Competitive:

Vote for your favorite Saint in Lent Madness, the March-Madness style competition. Check in at #LentMadness each day for bios and discussion on each saint before you vote.

Get Centered:  center

Last but not least… Drop by St. Paul’s for the Lenten Preaching Series everyday at 12:30 —