RVA Creative


Richmond area artist, Sara Perkins, to anchor St. Paul’s celebration of creative RVA at First Friday, June 7, 2013.

Sara is an educator and graduate student whose art explores the limits of our human experience of reality, and the forces beyond perception.

Inspired by what she describes as, “the messiness of the sanctification process,” Sara’s art looks for “the hope of restoration in the midst of a fractured world and the Biblical understanding of ‘body’ in the literal, metaphorical and metaphysical senses.” Image

She writes, “In this body of work I create volatile snapshots of a larger, grander narrative. These dramas are full of tension, battles, moments of conversion, transfiguration and transmutation. I intertwine the fleshy and corporeal with the ethereal and immaterial to depict the confluence of the spiritual and physical realms. Further coalescing dissimilar forces, my pieces are simultaneously interior spaces and global compendiums, figurative and landscape, baroque and grotesque, naturalistic and abstract, solemn and playful and full of both light and weight. “

ImageThe artist invites viewers to “move within all of these spaces of the paintings… and inhabit the fragmentation, to ride momentums that teeter on the edge of total chaos and to dwell within junctures that threaten to implode the pictorial space.”

Come this First Friday, Live from the Portico to partake in this visual discernment of linearity, harmony and, peace in the turning.

Opening June 1st 5:00 pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church